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 Training oleh Dr Ir. Fauzi Hasan MM MBA PMP

We bring both business and IT perspectives to assist organizations in evaluating technology opportunities and IT and plans. Combining our deep IT strategy, industry and technology implementation experience with functional and other skills available throughout LTF, we help IT and business leaders:

  • Guide their enterprises in leveraging IT to move the business forward

  • Quickly identify how the IT organization can provide greater value to the business

  • Determine the IT capabilities and strategies needed to exploit emerging business opportunities

  • Develop the appropriate IT strategy and application blueprint—as well as a plan we can implement with organizations, anywhere in the world

  • Improve the operations and processes of the IT function, make it more effective and efficient, and align it more closely to business strategy

  • Get the most business value from IT investments

IT Infrastructure

We believe that organizations will be more responsive to the marketplace and have a more open environment for innovation and transformation when they have an agile infrastructure that is enabled by cloud computing and new outsourcing models.

The ultimate objectives are to enable a business or government to quickly take control of its IT costs, enhance its system security, improve its ability to support its business and operating strategy, and self-fund longer-term, IT-enabled improvements that drive additional value and high performance.
Consideration of sourcing strategies—whether co-sourcing or outsourcing—should also form part of the overall plan. LTF takes a three-phased approach to creating an agile infrastructure that is manageable, cost effective and minimally disruptive to business operations.


  • Phase one: Start with a comprehensive consolidation and standardization program to reduce complexity, expense and operations and management challenges.

  • Phase two: Extend the benefits of phase one activities by super-imposing a virtual layer on the newly standardized IT environment.

  • Phase three: Allow the organization to fully exploit utility-style computing capabilities as they are realized. Organizations can tap into IT capacity from third-party vendors and pay only for the capacity or type of service or resources they use.


Data Center Consultancy


We have extensive and affluent knowledge management system in technologies and processes to help clients design, implement and manage data center solutions that align to business priorities, improve IT service management and enable high performance.

Top companies increasingly position IT as a strategic asset and opt to manage their IT operations like an integrated, service-oriented business. In this paradigm, keeping costs low is an imperative. So is aligning IT investments with overarching business imperatives.

With the transition to IT service management comes the need for greater IT flexibility, server and storage utilization, and cost variability. Maturing technologies in virtualization, service provisioning and automation help address these new requirements and enable the development of agile data centers.

New sourcing models, as well as the emergence of cloud computing as a viable and secure platform for IT service delivery, promise even faster, more responsive and more cost-effective data center capabilities.

However, many organizations lack the necessary data center skills or resources to untangle and replace their complex and costly legacy infrastructures, and we can help.

  • Why Accenture Strategy and implementation: We help develop pragmatic strategies that can be implemented rapidly and effectively. Our people are experienced strategists as well as skilled implementers focused on achieving results.

  • Comprehensive end-to-end IT strategy services: We help address all aspects of IT change—from initial opportunity assessment, planning and strategy development through implementation.

  • Extensive experience: We are a leading provider of information technology consulting services with more than 20 years of experience implementing IT improvements with clients around the world.Through this experience and our ongoing Accenture High Performance IT research, we have developed powerful intellectual property, methodologies and diagnostic tools that assist clients in quickly achieving their objectives while reducing both cost and risk.

  • Global reach: Our experienced IT strategy professionals can tap into Accenture’s broad technology and outsourcing team and our global network of experienced industry and business process professionals to provide the combination of skills and knowledge needed by each client.


Specific Services

IT strategy—Our comprehensive IT strategy services help organizations shape the direction of IT over the next three to five years to maximize shareholder and business value. We assist organizations in developing:

  • A comprehensive IT strategy, including IT opportunity assessment, shareholder value diagnosis and IT investment prioritization

  • IT strategy for mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, divestitures and carve-outs

  • Strategies for all key components of IT, including information strategy, IT sourcing strategy, ITsystems strategy and IT infrastructure strategy

  • Enterprise architecture—We help organizations establish and implement a vision, road map and governance for the use of information technology to address today’s business needs and support future growth. Our services comprise:

  • Custom and framework-based enterprise architecture development

  • Development and implementation of enterprise architecture governance and architecture team operating models

  • Use of industry-specific enterprise architecture blueprints that leverage Accenture High Performance Business industry research and process models, as well as our extensive industry experience

IT transformation—Our IT transformation services help companies drive significant, sustained change to their IT organization’s processes, technology and culture. Our services comprise:

· Global IT operating model design and implementation
· IT governance and investment portfolio optimization
· IT solution delivery optimization
· IT workforce transformation


Information Management


High-performance organizations use analytics and information for everything they do, day in and day out. Organizations need to proactively align data to business goals, manage large volumes of data, drill down and analyze data, have access to data wherever they are and be able to predict customer behaviors.

Our holistic, strategic approach to information management and analytics enables us to deliver solutions across multiple technologies, platforms, devices and delivery models (SaaS, on-premise, cloud). We help organizations:

  • Transform data into insight for smarter decisions through the design and deployment of data warehouses, data governance, analytical applications, real-time reporting and analysis, business intelligence and performance management.

  • Streamline electronic delivery of structured and unstructured data into meaningful and useful information via data marts or data warehouses.

  • Improve data quality through a comprehensive approach to data management, including capturing required information, improving data accuracy and optimizing all data management areas.


Network Technology

Network technologies have emerged as an important element of an optimized IT infrastructure. Forward-thinking CIOs clearly understand this role but many of them still struggle to bring their network vision to life.

Building a superior and lower-cost network is a complicated undertaking. It requires a clear strategy for increasing network capacity and resources for designing and deploying new technologies. It also calls for an infrastructure plan for how to accommodate the Web 2.0, wireless, social networking, and Internet protocol-enabled services and applications that are becoming ever more important in business environment.

Additionally, the network needs to keep up with the increased computing power brought by cloud technologies. For large, multinational organizations, the proliferation of decentralized network environments makes the effective and efficient management of daunting network services. .

We can help businesses in all industries overcome these challenges and establish networks that can enable high performance.

IT Security, Privacy, and Resilience

With the rapid technological advances, increased market pressures and growing sophistication in security threats, IT organizations must move from pure compliance to proactive defense and value creation.

IT leaders have to perform a delicate balancing act between mitigating risks and driving growth. Incorrect emphasis can render an organization vulnerable, or unable to move with the necessary agility to compete in the competitive global marketplace.

Our Security Solutions professionals leverage decades of experience, deep industry knowledge and business-process know-how to create pragmatic, flexible approaches that can help protect against threats, minimize risks and adopt new technologies needed to grow. By implementing comprehensive security solutions, organizations can:

  • Increase shareholder value by reducing risk, costs and complexity

  • Achieve compliance targets

  • Improve productivity and business growth

  • Increase customer trust by protecting information and systems from threats and attacks


Deploy highly trained security professionals backed up with real-world experience including Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), and Certified Information Systems Auditors (CISA) / Certified Information Security Managers (CISM)


System Integration Consulting


We work with our clients to understand their goals and we have a clear vision of how to seamlessly integrate an accelerated solution to help meet those goals. Whether using emerging technologies, our custom development capability or established packaged software from market leaders such as SAP and Oracle, we solve industry-specific or shared enterprise problems. We help organizations cross into the realm of high performance at an accelerated pace.

We help organizations cross into the realm of high performance at an accelerated pace. In addition, we understand that any new solution must scale fast and complement existing systems and business processes to deliver value.

The foundation of our systems integration organization—our technology experience, our passion for research and innovation, our relationships with clients and alliance partners and our industrialized approach—is our people.


Information Technology Architecture


Today’s CIOs struggle to stay ahead of changing business requirements. In an age of rapidly evolving technology platforms and standards, it is increasingly challenging to align and integrate IT systems in a way that makes them adaptable, predictable and easier to maintain while providing the foundation for organizations to integrate new and existing IT capabilities.

Our Technology Architecture Services provide development of a foundational technology architecture that guides custom software implementation and integration of multiple systems to maximize scalability and performance. Services include architecture assessment, review and planning and delivery. We leverage a service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach and leading integration techniques to increase the value of applications to our clients. We also offer a complete SOA transformation option as well as business process management and automation solution

By helping organizations design and implement IT systems in complex development and configuration environments, Accenture enables organizations to drive business value through IT, including:

  • •More predictable and agile IT systems at lower cost through industrialized delivery

  • Improved quality and speed to market for new systems development

  • Innovative approaches to leveraging new and proven technologies, which can deliver solutions architected to enable transformational change

  • Increased testing effectiveness

  • IT Regulatory and Compliances

we are well placed to assist organizations with regulatory and compliance needs. We have a great deal of experience in identifying and controlling financial and operational risks embedded in business systems.

We focus on the business impact of technology rather than systems implementation, and we are not tied to any hardware or software suppliers. As a result, our advice is independent and geared to the specific needs

IT Risk and Assurance services

Our IT risk and assurance professionals can help your organization address the challenge of managing IT risks in a way that is in line with your business strategy.

We draw on in-depth technical and IT-related risk management knowledge from our global organization, to help you with:

IT controls services

  • Our IT controls services focus on the design, implementation and rationalization of controls that potentially reduce the risks in the application, infrastructure and data layer of your IT function. Information security is a key area of focus in the current landscape of mobile technology, social media and cloud computing.

IT risk transformation

  • We help you identify your most important risks, design frameworks to manage them and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IT risk management through technology assistanace.

IT assurance

  •  Our independent position and assessment capabilities provide clients with a candid and reliable overview of their IT risk landscape and the controls in place

IT Project Value Assurance


We help clients deliver critical IT projects on time and within budget. Our proven methodology also ensures that organizations capture the maximum business benefits and value.

Large-scale IT-enabled projects are very challenging to deliver on time and on budget. Yet they are critical to a company's strategy, so any problems can be immensely damaging. On cost alone, substantial overruns occur in almost 90 percent of such projects. To avoid this, project teams must excel in four dimensions: project strategy, technical expertise, capability building, and project management.

We help clients ensure that large IT projects succeed and to turn around projects on the wrong track. We have developed a proprietary Value Assurance methodology that we have applied at both public- and private-sector clients across a range of industries. This distinctive approach combines a broad and coherent view of an IT project, a focus on business value, and an emphasis on transferring capabilities to client teams to ensure sustainability.


Data Analysis

Our Data Services team has the expertise and experience to perform customized and complex analyses that provide you with insightful and fresh perspectives about your business, division, process or control. Our Data Analysis Services team works with you to provide your company with:

  • Cost reclamation

  • Key control and process compliance testing

  • Vendor compliance reviews (service level agreements and service level management)

  • Special investigation support

  • Process and control trending/testing

  • Segregation of duties analysis

  • Data centric risk assessment

  • Continuous auditing setup and implementation

  • Business activity measuring for performance and improvement

  • Key performance indicator measurement

Information Technology Risk Assessment

Information technology (IT) is a fundamental backbone to every organization. When organizations grow and change, information technology becomes increasingly important to the overall operations.

A risk assessment determines what information resources require protection, then understand and document potential risks from IT security failures which can create a loss of information confidentiality, integrity, or availability. The rationale for a risk assessment is to assist management in developing suitable strategies and controls for protection of information assets.

IT risk affects the entire business – specifically, the business risk associated with the use, ownership, operation, involvement, influence and adoption of IT within an enterprise. Business performance depends on reliable information systems.

A risk assessment is vital to ensuring the business understands the IT risks and helps coordinate the efforts of compliance and internal audit to focus on the greatest risks.

Weoffer IT Risk Assessment services that help you identify, understand, and communicate IT Risk beyond those within the IT organization – in terms the business can understand. Ourprofessionals help organizations address the challenges presented by an increasing number of IT risks, including:

· Security threats
· Gaps in regulatory and legislative compliance
· Unexpected disruptions to system availability

Our experts will help you understand internal and external security policies, document your current compliance posture, identify vulnerabilities, and outline a remediation plan. By combining the guidance from several frameworks, our deliverables will be encompassing for both IT and internal audit services.

Information Technology Policy and Procedure Assessment

Effective information technology governance clearly communicates management’s aims and direction. This includes defined processes, roles, and responsibilities which serve as guidelines for day-to-day activities.

Information technology policies and procedures provide the structure for the delivery of technology services to the organization and demonstrate due diligence and due care. Policies and procedures should reflect the organization’s culture, mission, level of risk tolerance, and customer expectations for confidentiality, integrity and availability.

We have an experienced team that can assess the quality and effectiveness of your organization’s information technology policies and procedures to identify gaps, inconsistencies, need for clarity, and offer best practices.
LTF assessment professionals will:

  • Obtain an understanding of IT policy and control environment

  • Inventory policies in place and note completeness

  • Validate maintenance of content

  • Understand policy communication

  • Validate enforcement

  • Prepare report comments

  • Information Technology Audit

IT audit methodology is based on our vast industry experience and addresses IT risk exposures across a variety of organizations.

General IT Controls – Since information technology permeates all aspects of an entity’s business, we can assess and recommend controls within each IT process related to change management, security, and IT operations.

Application Controls – We can determine which system configuration and account mapping controls have been designed based on appropriate business criteria, to secure data against inappropriate processing (by enforcing validity, completeness, and accuracy) and help ensure data integrity.

User Access and Security – In addition to the risk of unauthorized access to data, there may be a risk of theft of sensitive or confidential intellectual property. We can determine if duties are adequately segregated and an overall security posture is maintained

We follow practices suggested by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). Specifically, we will utilize CobiT (Control Objectives for IT) which is a risk-based, process-focused methodology that is used to establish a thorough understanding of the organization’s audit objectives, the risks that threaten those objectives, and the relationships between those risks and the organization’s controls.Our approach includes the following:

Walk-through of each IT process, identify business and/or financial reporting risks, assess risk levels, assign control objectives and identify corresponding controls where applicable.
Independently test each of the identified IT process areas and collect the appropriate evidence supporting the testing activities and subsequent control evaluation.
Assess the operating effectiveness of each key control activity based on the test results and the supporting documentation.
For all control or process failures we can assist with determining the required remediation activities to address the outstanding deficiencies and prioritize the identified remediation plans.

Our IT audit professionals have serviced a broad range of corporate, government and non-for-profit entities and are lead by Directors and Managers who are Certified Information Systems Auditors (CISA). Other related certifications held by our IT audit professionals include:

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

  • Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor (PCI-QSA)

  • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)






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